Poverty: Society's Biggest Problem In Our Society

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"In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of".Society has many problems which are affecting it greatly and there is one that has affected it greatly for a long time which is poverty. Poverty has been a huge effect on society for a very long time due to many different meanings as well as events. Society 's biggest problem is poverty. Poverty is a problem in our society because of the negative effects it has on the way we interact with others. People treat people differently when they are knowledge of that person going through poverty which leads society down a wrong path. People become lost hope when they are being ridiculed by another person which just supports the poverty issue for that person or group of people. Many people are not supported and just forgotten by the…show more content…
Going through poverty at a young age when being born into a family who suffers it come with some of the hardest times in the victim 's life. As well, from poverty affecting the respect and humanity people give to another person, crime also has been affected by the amount of people being victimized by poverty. Crime has been greatly affected by poverty and could be argued that poverty is one of the biggest influences of crime and violence. When a person goes through poverty they probably ended up there without having knowledge of how not to end up there. If that is the case, then the person wouldn 't be intelligent enough to come up with back up plan and a way to get out of the deep economic hole they are in. When the amount of people going through poverty rise the amount of crime goes up because that is something that people think as the last resort. With poverty will always bring stress and hopelessness which has a big result of people being urged to turn to a life of crime and wrong ways of making
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