How Does Poverty Affect The Poor

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There are around 3.7 million children living in poverty in the UK. Which is more than a quarter of all children. Families with low income tend to have overriding feelings of stress and worry as they try to balance the costs of food, education, healthcare and other basic needs of their family. When these parents try to juggle their finances and pay for basic necessities this can cause problems in relationships between the parents which can lead to inconsistencies within discipline, a lack of love and support, and overall inadequate parenting of the children. For the children, the feelings of unhappiness and stress from their parents may mean that the child may feel isolated and lack attention. This can affect a child in education as they may find it hard to concentrate in a classroom due to their worries at home.…show more content…
However, the stress of poverty can also lead to more long-term problems for children. Low socio-economic status can lead to poorer performance rates for children in school as they find it difficult to concentrate and interact within a classroom. Many children from deprived areas tend to leave school early without completing their grades. In some extreme cases parents may need the children to leave school and help earn money for the
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