How Does Power Corrupts Absolute Power

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1.0 Background Study
“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton
Power plays an important role in the foundation of civilization and this has been the law of nature since ages. The most royalist way to show intelligent use of power is none other than POLITICS. However, it is known that power corrupts and absolute power will definitely corrupts absolutely. Politics is popularly known and seen as the power to legislate. Concentration of the same power in one hand may turn out to underrepresentation or no representation at all of the populace. The danger of concentration of power is going back to state of nature. There is an absolute need to have a balance of power.

Social Contract Theory
In 1762 Jean Jacques Rousseau a great philosopher
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Power is surrendered at condition of being represented and if not, this leads to civilian insecurity in form of protests. Countries like Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Botswana have faced instability because of frictions created in the veil of the Social Contract and by not being represented . This friction has weakened the Social Contract designed.

1.1 Social Contract Theory in Mauritius
The constitutional framer of Mauritius has designed the constitution giving due respect to Rousseau Social Contract. This has been achieved through the Best Loser System (BLS), an aspect which makes our constitution and electoral system unique in the world.
Over the last 45 years, the BLS has proved to be effective in maintaining stability in the country and has been an example set for African countries. Recently scholars have argued about abolishing the best loser system because it is seen as “undemocratic.” However, this may result in the breach a politico-social contract giving rise to frictions.

1.2 Research
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