How Does Prometheus Deserve Punishment

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When reading mythological stories, it seems as though a character in the story always gets the short end of the stick. There are many gods, goddess, titans, and heroes who have received the “short end of the stick” in their life span for an example Prometheus Pandora and many more. Many stories told show just examples of who was wronged and why they received such mythological punishments. Some may agree that they might have deserved it, but some may disagree and say that the punishment wasn’t necessary. This paper is going to talk about how Prometheus did not deserve the punishments he received and compare and contrast with other mythological characters who were also punished. Prometheus was a titan god who was given the task to form mankind out of clay. Prometheus had other jobs in mind. There are a couple events and things Prometheus did for being…show more content…
Prometheus was just someone who liked to trick people. He didn’t physically harm Zeus or anyone for the matter. Prometheus is the educator of man, and when he saw all those mortals suffering because of no fire he did something about it and stole it back for them. Prometheus did deserve to be punished, but not as drastically as he was. Zeus gave him pain for entirety, he could’ve just thought of a lesser punishment and did something that showed other gods he was in charge. Like Pandora, Prometheus is just one other character who was wronged and punished unfairly. Pandora was the first mortal woman formed from clay by the gods. Zeus had commanded Hephaestus and the other gods to create the first woman. Pandora was created to be a beautiful mortal woman. After she was created Zeus had her delivered to Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus to be his bride. As a wedding gift Zeus gave Pandora a gift which was a jar. When she opened the jar and all illnesses and hardships escaped that would plague mankind. The only thing that remained in the jar was

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