How Does Prospero Use Power In The Tempest

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The former Duke of Milan, Prospero uses his intelligence and magic to achieve greater power. The main elements of magic used by the magician are his robe, wand, and books, which are his main source of power. The complex character is seeking revenge for those who wronged him, and with magic as an advantage, he can quite easily punish the wrong doers. Throughout the story, Prospero faces a few encounters that force him to exempt the group of evil men. In this story, the power of magic is replaced with the power of forgiveness. In The Tempest, a prominent concept of sorcery appears to be used by Prospero for his personal gain. At the beginning of the play, Prospero uses his magical powers to create the tempest. At first, it seems like Prospero wants to hurt the people aboard the ship, but he wants to bring the passengers; Alonso, Sebastian, Gonzalo, and Antonio to the island. Prospero makes it a point to not injure the voyagers. As he is telling his daughter, Miranda, about the storm, the former duke makes sure to mention that no one was hurt, which shows he has good intentions. “The direful spectacle of the wreck, which touch 'd The very virtue of compassion in thee, I have with such provision in mine art So safely ordered that there is no…show more content…
Prospero is satisfied with their pain and suffering and begins to forgive them. To Prospero, some things are beyond forgiveness, such as Caliban violating his daughter. Along the lines of Alonso and the others, they have a chance to be exonerated. During the first physical encounters between Prospero and Alonso, the men discuss how the tempest lost their children. Alonso is grieving over the death of his son, while Prospero is heartbroken because his daughter does not agree with his reason. Alonso briefly says, "pardon me…,” and Prospero, in the following lines, refers to the King as “First noble friend…” (5.1.124-126) This little act of forgiveness portrays how Prospero has finally changed, partly because of his
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