How Does Punk Rock Affect Society

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This is an example of the types of lyrics and the themes of the songs of Punk rock, they talked about issues with the government that nobody else was speaking up about. About the injustice in the government and how sometimes things that the government did made no sense. How they would watch their people protest about certain things like equality, the war, the environment among other things, and sometimes did nothing. Not even acknowledge their people. A government that is based off the idea of its people making their own choices and having that “god given right” of liberty and self-expression. Their lyrics talked about all these problems, and not only with the government but with the society as well, sometimes even mocking the conservative people and their way of…show more content…
As well as it affected and triggered many religious people to go out of their way to stop this “demonic” from affecting their kids lives and American society as well. The way punk rock affected teens and the youth overall in the United States in the 70’s was pretty simple, most of them really enjoyed the music and were really attracted to it, this is because they felt really connected to it, identified and gave them a some sort of liberty, actual liberty or more of a “mental” escape from my reality back home type of liberty even for just a few minutes or hours. Another way that punk rock has affected American society is by fashion. See when punk rock started singers like Iggy Pop and bands like The Velvet Underground, The Ramones, and Dead Kennedys set a fashion style that screamed “rebellious” and had that “don’t mess with me attitude” type of look to it. This became a very famous fashion style among teens that listened and were a fan of punk rock. Look wise, this really set them apart from everyone else during this time. By wearing this style of clothing, they really felt like they fit in, in the punk
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