What Role Does Religion Play In Family Life Essay

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Ch16: Discuss what role social class and race/ethnicity plays in determining a family 's characteristics? Which do you think has the greatest impact & why?
An individual families characteristics vary significantly throughout the USA. In fact, there is no such thing as the typical American family. Social class, race, and ethnicity all play a role in determining family life. One major way that social class changes the dynamic of a family is marriage. Personally, I 've noticed that weddings are expected to be increasingly more extravagant. People from high and wealthy social classes are more likely to be able to justify spending a large amount on a wedding that will be over in a day whereas a couple who has less money may not be able to afford
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What are the benefits of such beliefs and the limitations? What influences these beliefs? What role does religion play in your life?
The book defines religion as a system of three elements:
1. A belief that somethings are considered sacred and others are forbidden.
2. Practices or rituals that focus on the things considered to be sacred.
3. A moral community, such as a church, which results from a groups beliefs and rituals.
These beliefs can be beneficial because they can encourage people to live life more morally and allow those who follow a particular religion to feel a sense of community and emotional comfort. However, religion can also become a negative thing if it is used to persecute others or justify wars. Although I am not religious in the typical deity worshipping way religion plays a very intricate role in my life. I practice paganism which allows me to feel more connected with the earth around me. I am also part of a pagan community which has become like a family that I can rely on for support in my day to day life.
Ch19: Describe at least 4 areas that are negatively impacting the healthcare system. What can be done to overcome these obstacles? Where do you see

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