Racism And Its Effect On Society Essay

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why do people steal,lie, and even crave violence ,and also why do people cling to bad habits. Many studies have been done and research has found that background has a big effect on society not only to each of us individually but to us as a whole. Racism is a big thing we see at the moment. Everyone sees racism all the time and that hatred can lead to lies, theft, and even murder at many times. We judge these people and never take the time to understand where this hatred for this set of people came from. Racism doesn't just grow overnight because some black kid decided that it would be a good idea to push you out of his way on the way to school, its deeper than that, and the same can go for all psychological issues that we face as a people today. We don't just one day decide oh i'm…show more content…
There are many factors in our everyday living that we have no idea that it even impact us. Such as media, it plays a bigger role in our lives than it would like to admit. We see and hear things going on everyday on the news. All that information that we retain from that impacts how we behave and deal with situations in our everyday lives. One such example is that you could be watching fox 26 news and hear about a serial mugger all week that is still out. that repeats that he's a black male Then later you could be walking home and see a black man and instantly become defensive even though you weren't raised to judge people based on the color of their skin. In “scattered inconveniences” by jerald walker we see that an African American man is driving with his wife and he sees another car tailing him and trying to speed up on him, and he assumes because of his skin color and what he has heard and been through it was safe to assume that the other driver was trying to hurt him in some way.at the end of the story we find out the other driver was just trying to warn him of thed eminent danger he was
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