How Does Racism Affect The Future

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How does racism affect the future of the young?
Racism is affecting many people around the world. Discrimination and Racist Attacks/Comments are because we have adapted to the life, we need to change the present to change the future for our next generations. Many people around the world (69% of the worlds’ population) are racists, some being in our own country, and some unable to guess what racism is about.So this is about Young People answering Surveys/Interviews.
Many students have discriminated and commented about their opposite gender and different colored people.I am keen to spread awareness, educate, and tell the consequences of racism to the youngsters.
To start with, we would like to go to schools/colleges and educate those
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Discrimination amongst our own people, is something very difficult to understand. We have racial discrimination between the upper castes and the so called ‘lower castes’, especially Dalits. The scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes are still being discriminated and boycott.
An Example:-
In some states and places of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and some other states as well, people belonging to various castes and sub-castessuch as Dalit’s, Harijan’s, Baniya’s are not even allowed to draw or drink water from the wells as the upper castes. Then we have the North-South divide .India is such a huge country where practices vary from Kashmir to Kanyakumari – with diverse languages, cuisines, clothes, custom, climate. With these come the feeling of Superiority and thus gives rise to racism.There is so much Racial Discrimination about people from the North-East states. Today we find people from the North-Eastern states all over the country. They have left their homes in search of Jobs in other parts of the country which have higher pays and could have a better standard of living. It is not their fault that their features resemble Chinese people, that does not make them less Indian, but they are badly discriminated. Quite recently, there were a lot of people from the North-East in Bangalore. They were forced to abandon their Jobs and houses and everything in Bangalore and flee from Bangalore to their native

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