How Does Racism Affected Society

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This picture describes racism, mainly between blacks and whites. The most famous thing that happened during this time was the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). They were a group of white people that had so much hatred to blacks that they started riots, and even killed. The Klan even moves states just to dominate local and state politics. The Tulsa race riot was a large scale, racially motivated conflict that happened on May 31, 1921- June 1, 1921. The KKK attacked the richest black community in the united states, which it ended up being burned to the ground. More than 800 people were admitted to hospitals and police detained for than 6,000 blacks all within the first 15 hours of the attack. All the racism affected society a lot, it is still around today.

There was different facilities for white and african americans. A white person was looked at as a higher person than an african american so they didn 't use the same bathroom, drinking fountains, go to the same restaurants, etc. But then Black codes ceased after the year of 1886, and were replaced by rules called the Jim Crow laws. In 1890 , a “separate but equal” status for African Americans. With all this going on it was tearing up the society, it was tearing it up because everybody was fighting and places were getting burned down.
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There were asians, african americans, american,chinese, indians, etc. Indian tribes were popular during the 1920, there were multiple different kinds. Major Culture battles happened in the 1920s. Wets battled drys, religious modernists battled religious fundamentalists, urban against a more provincial. These battles broke out because of ethnicity and more. Ethnicity started racism and that affected society because one ethnicity thought they were better than all rest of
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