Arguments Against Racism Today

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A deep wound could never be easily healed as many colored refer racism too. Racism is a terrible action that many Americans eventually ended up doing in order to make their slaves do everything which involves their work. Now in modern day slaves really doesn't exist anymore but a new type of racism has started to build up by the people that thought racism was good in the first place.I believe the issue of injustice in the form of racism does still exists in modern day. This issue does still exist of unequal jobs, justice for colored people and homeownership. Although some people might say racism doesn't exist anymore due to less or abolished segregation within the schools. Racism also exists in modern day by unequal payment or either weren’t chosen for the job even though they applied due to their certain skin color. According to The Guardian “ This found that unemployment among black, Asian and minority ethnic people was nearly double that of…show more content…
According to Urban Institute, “ racial disparities also permeate the criminal justice system in the united states and undermine its effectiveness”( Sakala, 1). This evidence means that due to bringing up racial topics or are using racial disparities as a defense s an unfair case or act of justice for the colored due to his/her color of skin which means the Americans will have a higher chance to win in a case of justice. Another reason is “ At Urban Institute we examine how historical and ongoing public policies, institutional practices, and cultural narratives perpetuate racial inequalities and constraints mobility for communities of color” ( Sakala,1). This means that in any situation that colored people get in they could have their presence or just the mostly reason that is used which is their skin color to be held accountable for anything and really can’t defend
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