How Does Rainsford Survive In The Most Dangerous

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In “The Most Dangerous Game” One characteristic necessary for survival is Knowledge, and good reasoning, you need to know your surroundings and able to survive off the land. You need to know when to reason with your thoughts and actions, for instance is it rational and realistic? Rainsford does this when he fights the general, and ends up jumping off the cove and swimming back the “Palatial Chateau” or the General’s Estate. Where the reader decides what happens. “Rainsford!” screamed the general. “How in God’s name did you get here?” “I Swam,” said Rainsford (Connell 15) Rainsford used his knowledge to buy time and beat General Zaroff back to his Estate from swimming across the cove and instead of “I found it quicker than Walking through the Jungle” (Connell 15) With Rainsford’s knowledge he knew that General zaroff was not far from his Estate, so he hid and wanted. In the “21st Century Slavery” One characteristic necessary for survival is physical strength. With good health and physical strength Min Min was able to break free from his captors. After breaking free Min Min side “I was very happy and felt the light of dawn.” (Potenza 9) Min Min felt to escape but kept working until the perfect time. “ I always thought of fleeing…”…show more content…
With bravery Malala was able to survive the impossible a gunshot to the head. “It was an ordinary day. I was 15 in 9th grade” said Malala (Potenza 8) in Pakistan where malala lives girls going to school was looked down upon in the community, she expressed her braveness by waking up every morning to go to school, something many people won’t do. After getting off the bus, malala was gunned down and shot in the head by two men, for pursuing her right to a good education. She was transported to a London hospital and lived another day. She now speaks out about her experience and says “I think it’s important for teenagers to take roles to speak against
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