How Does Ray Bradbury Use Metaphors In Dandelion Wine

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Chapter 21 of the novel Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, is about a young boy named Douglas Spaulding in his hometown whose best friend is moving away. In the town Douglas tries to convince John to stay by abandoning his parents, but John leaves despite his opinions. Ray Bradbury uses metaphors and similes to describe the dramatic feelings that Douglas has. An example of Douglas’s feelings towards John is “He could.. Jump six foot orchard walls.. Quicker than anyone else in the gang”. In that indirect metaphor it’s describing how amazed Douglas is by John. Another example is “We always will be [friends]”. In this quote John meant that they’ll still be friends when he moves away. In another indirect metaphor “...I went to camp two summers ago. I remember.” It’s comparing what Douglas remembers to what John remembers.…show more content…
It would go this way forever”. This quote means that Douglas has an image that life would be perfect. Douglas also has a idea of a good friend that “..things stayed and that things would remain.” This means he thinks a good friend would never leave him, and that everything will stay the same. In the novel Dandelion Wine, the author Ray Bradbury uses metaphors, similes to describe Douglas’s and John’s friendship. It is important that we recognise the figurative speech because they set the
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