How Does Reading And Writing Impact My Life

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How do reading and writing impact my life? There are many examples in my life where reading and writing was stronger than other parts of my life. The three examples are having my mother read to me when I was young. Being able to go through Elementary and High school without trouble with reading, going to the library, finally just being able to read in college was a challenge at first, but I overcame that. First, I liked how reading has impacted my life, and I have never really had troubles with reading, because my mother would always read to me the book called The Little Engine That Could because there was one quote that we both loved from the book, and the quote was this “I think I can.” The book called The Little Engine That Could have showed me courage and that nothing is impossible. If I struggle with reading, I cannot say I cannot do this. Instead I should say I can do this, because I can do anything if I set my mind to it. Next, from having my mother read to me, I would…show more content…
When I was about four years old my mother taught me how to write my name, my address, the numbers one through twenty, and the alphabet. Although I consider myself a better reader than a writer because I have writing issues, but I still enjoy writing whenever I can. I also include a journal, and I write in it mostly everyday on what I experience that day. First, writing has impacted my life so much, and some of the affects that got from learning how to write at a young age is that I was able to start writing bigger papers in college. I still have struggles with the grammar, but with a little courage I am sure I can become an even better writer. Finally, Writing has changed from going from elementary school to college because the writing has gotten harder, because the topics have gotten more challenging and the page length as well has

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