Role Of Reading In Our Life Essay

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Reading Can Transform Your Life
Do you enjoy reading a good book on a rainy day, or just to relax? Well, reading is not only a pleasant hobby during your free time, but can also be very beneficial! For the most part, reading books can actually transform your life and how you live it. It can affect and improve your mind, relationships, and outlook on life.
People may not realize this, but reading affects so much more than just grades in school, but also affects the brain. For instance, our brains react to things we read as if it's a real experience, and a realistic simulation is produced in the brain. If a person read words like ‘perfume’ and ‘lavender,’ the parts of the brain related to smell are stimulated. The same goes for words like ‘velvet,’ which stimulates the parts of the brain related to touch, and even sentences about actions, like “She threw the ball,” which stimulate the motor cortex. The action is even specific enough as to which limb is being used,
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[1] Also, an ability called “Theory of Mind” is exercised, which helps people figure out others’ thoughts and feelings. Another way our brains are affected by reading is it changes the structure of our brains and their abilities. The more we read, the more the amount of white matter in the language part of the brain increases. White matter consists of nerve fibers, which carry nerve impulses to cells. This increases connectivity in the brain and protects the nerve fibers. [2] Furthermore, the story structure in books helps expand our attention spans. This is because story structure prompts people to think in order and be more sequential. In general, reading, especially fiction, improves the brain. In one study, changes were found in the left temporal cortex, which is related to language, and the primary
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