How Would Your Life Change If You Had To Live In North Korea?

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WORLD CULTURE- Totalitarian Regimes

• Change in values and norms of a society due to ISIS attack

1. The atmosphere of suspicion and fear due to terrorism creates social disharmony.
2. Many terrorist use Islam as an excuse to achieve objectives. This negatively affects the religions image in the society and makes it difficult to promote diversity.
3. Government and the national state affects the society but terrorist attack shake the government and the national state and the importance of values and norms are constantly degrading.
4. Terrorism affects all aspects of the world. The political, social and economic and most importantly impacts a person’s mental state
5. It disturbs the peace and the society’s progress and prosperity is hampered.
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Morals and standards are determined by your religion and they have a huge impact on your life.
6. It shapes your mentality, what your views are on certain topics is determined by the religion you were born in.

• How would your life change if you had to live in North Korea?

1. A person who comes from a place with right to privacy and freedom of speech would definitely visit the prison of North Korea, just like the other 120,000 state prisoner who are held not for criminal offense but for just voicing their opinion.
2. The World Wide Web provides us information about things happening around us. In North Korea, you see what the government wants you to see on the World Wide Web. I cannot image surfing the net and not seeing any news from around the world.
3. Travelling has been a huge part of my life. I just cannot image asking permission from the government before leaving the country every single time. It would make me feel claustrophobic.
4. How can someone live in a country which abuses human rights? I would constantly be thinking of escaping it, just like the few of them that successfully escaped.
5. I can’t imagine living there as I do not have the right to comment about what the government is doing as they can torture

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