How Does Religion Shape My Identity

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Diversity is an important factor when it comes to religion. Religion has been around for many years and many generations. It has guided our country, our culture, and shaped our life experiences through the levels of micro, mezzo, and macro. There are many aspects that has shaped the development of my identity. Religion is one of the top aspects that helped shape my identity. I grew up in a Seventh Day Pentecostal church. Religion shaped my beliefs by the simple fact that I always want to help people. I believe that if I can help someone in need then I would do it. For example, on the mezzo level, I am making scarfs to send to a local shelter to help keep those in need warm. My religion helped me develop a giving heart. My behavior is shaped by religion on all levels. On the…show more content…
There are many things that are congruent, for example, going to church every weekend. Another way that my religion is congruent is that to go to Sabbath school. We’re also taught to give to the less fortunate and that is congruent to the American culture. In the American culture women are looked at to get married and
There are also many ways that my religion is dissonant with the American culture, for example, we attend church on Saturday instead of Sunday. Another way is that we only have one service on Saturday, but we stay there all day until the sun goes down when Sabbath is over. Growing up I was always criticized about going to church on Saturday and was told that it was the wrong day.
Religion intersects with my gender by the way that I as a female should carry myself. We are taught to always dress a certain way. For example, we cannot show too much skin or someone will give us something to lay on the area that is being shown like a jacket. Another way that religion and gender intersect is how a female has to cook the food and serve it. For example, the ministry that cooks and serves food is consisted of females
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