Factors That Affect Heart Rate

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Investigating factors that affect heart rate

Respiration is a process in the body that is highly required for the body in order for it to stay in proper and normal working condition. During this process the body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide out of the body and into the atmosphere. Respiration is split into two different categories which are aerobic and anaerobic respiration. These two forms of respiration are both used in producing and storing cellular energy but the slight difference is that with aerobic respiration oxygen is taken into our lungs and works with glucose in order to make energy. In other words energy is released in cells by breaking down of food in the
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Since it is not as efficient that human body is forced to make its food out of glucose. As stated before this type of respiration occurs when the body is undergoing intense exercise where minimal oxygen is needed and mostly glucose is used. Because of this a fluid known as lactic acid is produced and spread throughout the body causing muscle pulls due to the lack of oxygen.
The respiration rate in humans is affected by a number of different factors such as age, weight and the intensity of exercise. Due to the above factors an individual’s breath and heart rate will be affected. I will be investigating the rate at which an individual’s respiration rate will be affected as they are subjected to intense exercise.
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Ensure that the individual who is being experimented on is in the right attire(sportswear) in order to prevent any possible injuries.
2. Make sure that the person who is being experimented on is capable of carrying out this experiment without causing any harm to their body. In other words make sure that they do not have any diseases or syndromes that can be triggered by carrying out any intense
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