How Does Richard Wright Use Weapons Against Man

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In Richard Wright’s novel, Black Boy, Richard consciously uses weapons against people in order to defend himself against unjust treatment caused by conflict within his family and people in his neighborhood. For instance, Richard deliberately uses a stick against a gang of boys in his neighborhood in order to defend himself. Richard explains, “When I reached the corner a gang of boys grabbed me, knocked me down, snatched the basket, took the money, and sent me running home in panic” (Wright 16). Consequently, as soon as the boys beat him up, Richard builds up his confidence and defends himself. Richard’s mom states, “‘Take this money, this note, and this stick, go to the store and buy those groceries…” (Wright 17). Richard’s mom has faith in him that he is able to get past those boys and buy the groceries. At this point, money is not as important as it is for Richard to learn how to defend himself against people because his mom keeps giving him money, even though he may get beaten up again. Richard explains, “I let the stick fly, feeling it crack against a boy’s skull. I swung again lamming…show more content…
Richard declares, “I saw him tearing a long, young, green switch from the elm tree. I was damned if he was going to beat me with it” (Wright 158). Uncle Tom wanted to beat Richard, but he didn’t even do anything wrong. Uncle Tom considered Richard’s comment to be snarky, which upset him. This is analogous to the situation with Aunt Addie. They both wanted to whip Richard for something that wasn’t his fault, or didn’t even do. Richard also explains, “I’ve got a razor in each hand! If you touch me, I’ll cut you! Maybe I’ll get cut too, but I’ll cut you…” (Wright 159). In order for Richard to stop Uncle Tom from beating him, he threatens him with razors. At this point, Richard is adept at defending himself because he stopped Aunt Addie and Uncle Tom from beating
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