Ancient Roman Religion Research Paper

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Ancient Roman Religion Affects Modern Time
Sacrificing animals, condemning people for believing in something different, or having no creed are some examples of what presents itself in ancient Roman religion. All may not have followed into today’s time, but seeing divinity in everything, congregating together to worship and religion effecting political standings or issues have. Everything about religion from ancient Rome contributes to modern life. Religion around ancient Rome covers many topics including information with respect to practices and worships, which have blossomed more to today’s attributes. It also includes the effect religion had on the empire and the citizens in Rome that could have changed our political standings today. There
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Sacrificing animals was the optimum practice because it strengthened the relationship between humans and animals along with “the relationship between the human world and supposed superhuman powers (i.e., gods)” (Ullucci 361). In today’s time animals are no longer sacrificed though it could be symbolic of something else. Sacrificing yourself to God or what you believe in so you can become more godlike or righteous. Sacrificing worldly things to become closer to the higher power and create a stronger relationship between you, others, and your God(s). A cult shrouded in mystery is “The cult of Isis [which] arrived [in] Rome at the end of the second century B.C.” (Karaglou). Research shows that only the males were allowed to participate in the cult’s practices until it was found that women could gain roles of priestesses. This cult investigated attitudes and rituals reenacting death or rebirth which is viewed as divine to them. Isis is still around today and they take advantage of many actions that happen around the world, saying the person converted to them and follows their beliefs. Ancient Rome consisted of many who believed “Sacrifice was necessary” (Grant). If they were to continue sacrificing, their God(s) would keep their crops growing, cast protection over them and their family from worldly things as well as during…show more content…
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