How Does Salva Survive In A Long Walk To Water

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In Linda Sue Park’s novel A Long Walk to Water, demonstrates one of many true stories of many a Lost Boy. Salva an eleven year old had to flee from his village all alone because his village was attacked due to the Second Sudanese War that began in 1983. When Salva was at school and his village was being attacked,he was told not to go home, but into the bush,that's where his whole journey began. Salva had to show confidence, determination,and perseverance in order to survive in a difficult environment. To begin with, Salva was determined to make it out alive while walking through the Akobo Desert. Uncle told Salva that it would take three days to go through the scrub terrain of the Akobo Desert, Salva was determined to go through the desert with very little water from his gourd. Uncle was warning Salva that crossing the Akobo Desert would be a difficult terrain to survive because there was barely any food to survive of, it was almost as…show more content…
When Salva had to lead thousands of boys to Kenya while he was exhausted from swimming in the River Gilo for as long as he can remember. Salva had the perseverance to lead so many boys abruptly before the refugees would have died or hunger or thirst, which many boys did die of hunger or thirst. “I will get us to safely to Kenya, he thought. No matter how hard it is “ (81). This quote shows that salva knew it was going to be a struggle but he still was able to get more than twelve hundred boys safely to Kenya. To sum up, Salva did make it through the stressful journey, Salva has been back and forth visiting his biological family and his forster family that lives in New York.. This journey lead him to the person he is today by inspiring people to not give up on a dream or idea they had. Today Salva is continuing a program for South Sudan “ Water For South Sudan” which builds wells in different villages in South
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