How Does Sammy Quit His Job

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In this passage from “A&P” in which Sammy has just quit his job and takes in the consequences suggests that he regrets making his impulsive decision. The author shows this through the use of contrasting, word choice, and imagery. In the first part of the passage the author is trying to show the terrible way the situation Sammy was in ended up with. He was looking for “his girls” in the beginning of the passage showing that he wished that “his girls” would have stayed to watch the so called heroic move he made.One can also predict Sammy is a possessive person by his word choice of “his girls.” By Sammy defending the girls he was wishing that they would admire what he has done and that he would get some reward out of it. By Sammy saying, “of course” it shows that he believes he is a person with constant bad luck. The mood from the beginning of the story to the end has also changed. The beginning seemed more of a up beat mood to it as he described the half naked girls that walked into his work place and how cute he thought one of the girls were. Later however the story shifted into a more sad mood where Sammy quits his job and rethinks the decision he made afterwards.…show more content…
He must have been looking back inside the small mart because he actually was interested in what was going on in there. If he had not wanted to remember the experience of working in the mart he would have just walked away without turning back. Sammy also mentioned that he saw Lengel in “his place in the slot” showing that he still has a connection to his job and that that is the place he is suppose to be, even though he impulsively chose to get away from it. This also highlights that he wants the spot to stay his spot. Sammy also calls the customers sheep symbolizing that he thinks of them as mindless creatures who just follow everyone else but he still misses working with them either
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