How Does Santiago Show Pride

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Though the “Old Man and the Sea”, portrays Santiago’s struggle, his experience from his journey betters him for the future. Ernest Hemingway’s novel is about an old man, who embarks on a journey to catch a fish. While on his journey, he struggles to keep himself together. He has to stay awake for long hours, on barely any food. Lacking energy, but not determination, Santiago pulls through and catches the great marlin. As Santiago returns, he encounters more dangers. Desperately protecting his catch, Santiago defends himself and the marlin, from sharks. In vain, Santiago returns home, with a skeleton, except for the head and tail of the marlin. In Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”, Santiago faces the trials of becoming a fully…show more content…
The majority of Santiago’s dreams consist of a group of lions, known as a pride. The pride of lions, expresses the abundance amount of pride Santiago contains. As Santiago faces the mysteries of the seas, he returns home to what seems empty handed. Santiago is physically broken down, with bumps, bruises and cuts all over his body. Tourists and citizens all alike, look upon what Santiago has brought with him, a pile of bones and little to no meat. Though of his failure, Santiago has not been discouraged and takes pride in what he has accomplished. Through his journey, Santiago gains valuable experience in the art of fishing. As he has faced struggles, he can prepare for the worst. Also, Santiago has not been discouraged by his failure, expressing loss with dignity. When Santiago sleeps, “[He] was dreaming about lions” (127). Still, Santiago dreams about lions, which brings him full circle. As his pride remains intact, he resists being discouraged by failure, but ends up home his his dignity and experience for the
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