How Does Santiago Use Disguise In The Alchemist

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Using Disguises In stories like The Odyssey, The Count of Monte Cristo, and The Alchemist, each character uses their disguise a little differently depending on their goals.
Santiago, the main character of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, does not use a disguise. Unless one counts the fact that the real alchemist told the chief that Santiago was an alchemist. But even then, that turned out not to be much of a disguise because Santiago showed potential for alchemy when controlled the wind. Other than that, Santiago does not need a disguise. What makes Santiago’s experience different from the other two is that their disguises were vital parts in their return home. Whereas, Santiago wasn’t required to have a disguise in any part of his journey.
Our next hero is Odysseus, from Homer’s The Odyssey. In Odysseus’ return home, he uses a disguise. There were people in Ithaca would kill him on the spot if he showed himself. Odysseus also wanted to secretly test the people closest to him for loyalty to him, which he could do disguised as a beggar. Odysseus was different from the other disguise user, Edmond
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When he arrives back in France with the Treasure of Sparta, he devises an elaborate revenge plan against those who ruined his life. To do this, he disguises himself as the Count of Monte Cristo. This gets him close with the high society people he wants revenge on, like Villefort and Mondego. Edmond’s disguise is elaborate and complicated, which sets him apart from the other two. Odysseus did not have to put a lot of effort into his disguise and Santiago didn’t really have a disguise. But both Edmond and Odysseus use their disguises to keep them from being killed or assaulted. If Edmond were discovered, Mondego would certainly attack him and make sure he was put back in Chateau d'Ilf. If Odysseus were discovered, the suitors would kill him to prevent him from taking up the throne of Ithaca
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