Satan's Deception

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Satan did not only encourage them to break the commandment that God gave them, he also gave them false assurance that nothing would happen to them if they disregard the commandment of God. In this regard, the serpent did not force them to disobey their Master, he used the power of persuasion to lead them to disobedience. That power of persuasion was based on lies. He lied about their liberty to disregard the commandments of God, and he also gave them a false assurance to comfort them about the consequences of not obeying the word of God.

God is the Creator and man is the created, and owing to this, God is the Law Giver and man must obey the laws given to him by the Creator. There is no one who is free to disobey the instructions of their
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Where it is opportune to do so, he would use deception to encourage us to rebel against the authority of the word of God, and he would use brute force where it is necessary. He used deception to corrupt the mind of Adam and Eve, David, Solomon, Saul, Samson, Cain, and others, but he used brute force against Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Daniel, John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul, Silas, Simon, and others. Indeed, the serpent is very cunning, and he knows which method could bear the best…show more content…
He has managed to make us zombies through his evil world systems. His world systems have eroded our being and the most important thing they have destroyed is our Christian value system. They have taken God away from our minds, and they have fed our minds with their own gods.

Consumerism is a cultural weapon against our Christian values. It makes us want to consume everything the world systems are feeding us. We consume their clothes, food, ideas, and values. Their systems make us feel incomplete without their goods and values. Indeed, we no longer use our own minds to determine what we want, they have already done the job for us, and our job is to feed on what they have prepared for us.

They use psychological dissonance or discord to make us incomplete without their goods or ideas. This tool of deception is playing tricks with our minds. It bombards us with their images that are portrayed in a good light. They have painted images for perfect wives or husband, marriages, families, successful people, children and a host of other images that seeks to draw us to those
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