Unimportant In To Kill A Mockingbird

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I can connect to Scout because I too have felt left out or made to feel unimportant by my sibling. In the book we can see Scout is made to believe that she is too young to play with Jem and Dill because he is older thinks he can boss her around. We see this when Jem and Dill start leaving Scout out of their planning in their treehouse. Also, this causes Scout to feel left out enough that she begins to spend more time at Miss Maudie’s house. Another example from the book where we see Jem leaves Scout out is her first day of school when he tells her to not follow him around during school “Jem was careful to explain that during school hours I was not to bother him” (Lee 20). Another reason that Scout felt unimportant was because Jem was…show more content…
An example is when Jem and Dill went to go sneak over to the Radley’s at night. Scout does not think it 's a respectable idea, but when Scout protests Jem says” You don’t have to come along, Angel May” (Lee 68). Also an example is when Jem and Dill want to leave a note for Boo. Scout does not think it’s a good idea, but Jem says “ Now you’re in it and you can’t get out of it, you’ll just stay in, Miss Priss” (Lee 62). When Jem wants to go and bring his pants after he lost the at the Radley’s house Scout does not think it’s a good idea and that if he leave she will tell Atticus. But Jem says that if she does, he will kill her. As seen in this quote, “ You do and I’ll kill you” (Lee 75). My brother and I also don’t always get along. A reason for this is because my brother does not believe we get treated fairly. He believes that our parents are harder to discipline him than with me. Also, because I’m the youngest he has ignored me more as we have gotten older. My brother also thinks that I get what I desire more often than he does. Another reason that he and I don’t always get along is because, he is older than me he sometimes believes he is better than me and that he can tell me what to do. He likes to tell me what
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