How Does Scrooge Change In The Christmas Carol

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The Christmas Carol is a story that was later created into a movie. It was originally written by Charles Dickens. He created The Christmas Carol to show that greed is wrong and to tell the people what Christmas truly is. The characters in this story are Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, Fred(Nephew), Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and the three spirits of Christmas( Past, Present, and Future). In this story Scrooge learns how to be a good person and what Christmas is all about. Thanks to the Spirits, Ebenezer is a good person at the end of this story. What happens in this story is Ebenezer sees his past, present, and future on Christmas day. They're some similarities and differences in The Christmas Carol that contain Scrooge learning what Christmas…show more content…
Future doesn’t talk. He just wears a long, and black cloak. When Scrooge sees him he asks, “ You are. are you not, the Spirit of Christmas yet to come.”(Dickens 26) Future shows Scrooge shadows that makes him freak out and want to change is life for the better. The first shadow Future shows Scrooge is someone talking about a man’s death. When Scrooge hears that he assumes that the men are talking about Jacob Marley’s death.(Dickens 27) Future then shows Scrooge people talking about the same man’s death. And a Women was wondering how much she’d get for the stuff she stole from the rich man’s house ,who was dead. Scrooge knows that those are his stuff. Next shadow Future shows is of Bob and his family. In this shadow he ses them upset. The reason of this is Tiny Tim died. After that Future shows Scrooge one more shadow. The shadow he sees is his grave. Scrooge then realizes he will die alone and that he needs to change his ways. Scrooge pleased that this will not be him to the Spirit.(Dickens 32) He says he will change his ways and honor Christmas.(Dickens 32). After that he is back home. Since his journey with the Spirits Scrooge became a better person. He honored Christmas and he did keep his word. He even gave Bop and his family a giant goose.(Dickens 34) Scrooge also went to Fred’s house and spent Christmas with him and his wife.(Dickens 35) Scrooge also gave Bob a raise.(Dickens 36) So in the end Scrooge becomes a wonderful person and learns what Christmas truly is
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