Self Awareness Affects Emotional Intelligence

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• H1: Self-awareness affects emotional intelligence.
1: Self Awareness
Self-awareness encompasses:
• Emotional awareness
• Accurate self-assessment
• Self-confidence
Self-awareness is the skill of being aware of and understanding your emotions as they occur and as they evolve. It is wrong to think of emotions as either positive or negative. Instead, you should think of them as appropriate or inappropriate.
For example, Anger is usually associated with being a negative emotion. However, it can be a completely reasonable and appropriate emotion in certain circumstances – emotional intelligence allows us to recognize our anger and understand why this emotion has occurred.
Effective self-assessment of feelings and emotions will help to improve
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Such feelings also are visible as undesirable in the enterprise 's lifestyle. Consequently, emotional self-attention may be easy to recognize, but it is hard to place into practice. You constantly screen, study, and report the overall performance of your team participants against their appraisal objectives. So use this same system to evaluate and word your very own emotions and behaviour. This may assist you to become aware about any styles in your emotions in the course of your operating day. Those notes are on your eyes most effective, so be completely sincere with yourself. Create your own easy shorthand device for logging your emotions and your ability to manipulate them at some point of precise activities. Your notes have to…show more content…
on this way you 'll be capable of quick become aware of whether or not your most commonplace emotion is fantastic or no longer.
If you understand yourself than you may without problems help others to understand your thoughts, thoughts and personality
Being a manager self consciousness is important due to the fact if he knows himself he can easily provide an explanation for his co-workers what he desires and this makes the work easy and makes higher relations between co-workers and supervisor.
People who lack self-awareness find living a truly happy and productive life difficult. This can be difficult to overcome, as many societies and cultures encourage us to ignore our feelings and emotions – ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.
Examples of this include people who stay in jobs that they find unfulfilling or make them unhappy, or in relationships in which they are not comfortable.
Without awareness and understanding of ourselves, and a sense of self rooted in our own values, it is hard, if not impossible, to be aware of and respond to the emotions of others.

• H1: Social skills have significant effect on the level of Emotional Intelligence that leads to better leads to better relation in an

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