How Does Shakespeare Affect Teens

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Is the Shakespeare conspiracy something that you have ever thought about? Shakespeare has been an idol to some, but to others he is hated. Shakespeare has related to teens, prisoners, and scholars all around the world. Shakespeare has effected teens in good way, and bad ways. The characters in A Midsummers Nights Dream relate to teenagers. This shows that shakespeare has a positive effect on teens because it allows them to realize how they could solve a problem. “I must confess I have heard so much,” (pg. 15). This relates to how shakespeare effects teens in bad ways because the text is saying you should always tell the truth, but sometimes it is okay to tell a lie. “How happy some o’er other some can be,” (pg 23). This relates to teens in a good way because it shows them that they can be happy just like everyone else. Shakespeare affects teens but he also affected prisoners.…show more content…
In the video Shake in Prisons one guy said he made a friend because of shakespeare. This shows how Shakespeare effects prisoners because it can sometimes form bonds. In the video about the women in jail the video said that Shakespeare helped reform them. This shows how Shakespeare affects prisoners in a positive way because it allows the prisoners to have a second chance. In the video about, the prisoner re writing plays and letting the less dangerous prisoners act it out, one guy said he felt like he was part of the society. This shows that Shakespeare has a positive impact on prisoners because it allows them to want to be better people in the society. Shakespeare has affected prisoners but he has also affected
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