How Does Shakespeare Create Conflict In Hamlet

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Conflict is present in all literary works, but how William Shakespeare molds conflict in his play, Hamlet, is astounding and ground-breaking. Hamlet is a tragedy, which means there is a plot that includes death and the ultimate downfall of the main character. Hamlet was most likely written in the early 1600’s because the first published edition was printed in 1603. This play is a story of a prince whose father is murdered by the prince 's uncle, which he later on marries the prince’s mother to become King. The prince learns of this murder of his father and seeks revenge in his father’s name. Ultimately, the prince, king, queen, and many many more characters in the play die through numerous way. Throughout the play, Shakespeare not only employs…show more content…
In this passage from the play, Hamlet reveals that since he can’t show his emotions and take action, he plans to have the actors perform a play that is similar to his father’s murder to entice a reaction from Claudius to determine if he is in fact the murderer. This clever plan of Hamlet allows it to be known just how intelligent he really is. But this plan also allows a view on yet another theme in the play, revenge. Revenge is a major key in Hamlet simply because a great amount of the plot is based on vengeance. In this particular portion, Hamlet is planning how to reveal Claudius so he can partake in revenge. This vengeance fuels into Hamlet’s madness that is conflicting him internally and it is one of Hamlet’s major conflicts shown in the play. Reaves 3 The third conflict shown in “Hamlet” is how Hamlet views the marriage of his uncle Claudius and his mother, Queen Gertrude. He believes this is distasteful and disrespectful to his late father, who has only been deceased for such a short time. Hamlet makes snide remarks to show his resentment of Claudius’s and the Queen’s marriage, “‘But now, my cousin Hamlet, and my son-’ ‘A little more than kin, and less than kind.’ ‘How is it that the clouds still hang
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