How Does Shakespeare Create Humor In Romeo And Juliet

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William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is widely known as a horrible tragedy about two teen lovers whose death bring their feuding families together. While there may be a dramatic ending to the play, it starts off as a funny and delightful comedy. To divert the audience’s attention from the cruel reality of the play, Shakespeare focuses on the parts that make it entertaining for the audience. If humor was not added, Romeo and Juliet would have been a very tiresome romance about love and death. Many of the puns in the play are put in frequently for humor, with one main goal of making the audience laugh. In the opening scene of Act One, two capulet servants named Gregory and Sampson, boast about what they will do if they run into a Montague. Sampson:…show more content…
In Act Three Scene One, Mercutio is stabbed by Tybalt and makes a pun about his impending death. Ask for me tomorrow, and you’ll find me a grave man.(3.1.65-66) Mercutio knew he was going to die from the wound caused by Tybalt. By trying to cover up the sorrowful setting, he makes a fitting pun thinking he will be dead soon and in his “grave”. The others, who witnessed the stabbing, think he was referring to a “grave” situation and not that he was talking about his own death. Another scene is in Act One Scene One, when Romeo makes a pun on the idea of love. Benvolio: In love? Romeo: Out- Benvolio: Of love? Benvolio: Out of her favor. (1.1.163-166) In the play, Romeo was experiencing a one sided love, and to protect his heart, Benvolio told Romeo to look for a new companion. Though this may be a heartfelt and sad scene, Shakespeare used the pun to inject humor. Throughout the play Romeo and Juliet, humor plays a huge role in entertaining the audience and bringing comedy to otherwise tragic scenes. Although many main characters die, the use of word play turns these heavy moments into
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