How Does Shakespeare Create Tension In Hamlet

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Often times authors will use one character to represent a concern that applies to all of humanity. Shakespeare was no exception, as a plethora of characters in his works express/represent a greater concern in humanity.One charcter concern in particular is Hamlet. In Hamlet, Shakespeare uses Hamlet and his obsession with death, in order to address various fears and concerns all human beings have about their own mortality. From the beginning of the play, Hamlet is obsessed with death. After Hamlet is confronted by his father’s ghost, he becomes obsessed with avenging his father’s death. Yet Hamlet is unable to act, killing Claudius, partially due to his conscience. Several times throughout the play, there is an opportunity for Hamlet to kill Claudius, but Hamlet always seems to find a reason/way not to. One of the most prominent examples is when Hamlet sees Claudius praying and decides not to kill him there, in the fear that because he is praying,…show more content…
Through contemplating if life or death is better, he talks about barring the whips and scorns of time and what will come after death. However, what seems to scare Hamlet the most, is the fear of the unknown, which ultimately prevents him from committing suicide. Again, Shakespeare is addressing this greater concern of humanity, the fear of death and the afterlife, the fear of the unknown that so many people had. Through having a character who is inherently mad deliver this truly thought provoking speech, Shakespeare showcases that quite literally anyone is/can be concerned with death and the unknown afterlife, despite their state of mind. Hamlet’s soliloquy addresses something many people feel/experience at one point, but Shakespeare also goes as far as demonstrating this obsession with death and the fear of the unknown, can go too far--as it eventually leaves Hamlet to true madness and ultimately causes his
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