How Does Shakespeare Present Hermia From A Midsummer Night's Dream

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The character i portrayed was Hermia who was from a midsummers night dream by William Shakespeare.The first part of the play is when Hermia is stressed and furious. This is shown on page 3 when Hermia states “So will i grow,so live,so die my lord?”This is because her father wants her to either die or marry Demetrius who she’s not in love with,but Lysander, who she loves,comes up with a plan that will keep both of them far away from Demetrius.The 2nd part of the play is when Hermia begins confused, but then becomes jealous of Helena.This is displayed on page 36 when she says to her, “Get you gone! Who isn’t that hinders you?”.This is because Lysander is now acting like he loves Helena,but then she realises he actually does.This causes Hermia
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