How Does Shakespeare Present Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Can one’s love back then share relation to the meaning of modern love in today’s time? In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare reveals the importance of how sophisticated love, disloyalty, and inconsistent behavior can affect one and their loved ones. He achieves this act by, reconditioning the poem The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Iuliet by Arthur Brooke and recreating it into a skit. Romeo and Juliet is a relevant work for a person in time due to its sophisticated love. The relations in their time are very comparable in today’s time, as it says in act 2 “…how can I go forward when my heart is here”(shakespeare 1064) This quote is an example of young love. In the quote, Romeo is blinded by the beauty of Roseline that he feels that he can go no further until he meets Juliet. It also shows how unexperienced they are but so quickly drawn into the hands of a new beholder. Juliet’s mother and father were so dispute to the idea of Romeo because he was an enemy of the family, known as the Monteugues. As one could infer, these situations still occur in modern times due to everyone’s personal opinion of other individuals. Another way Romeo and Juliet is a relevant work for a person in time due to its disloyalty. The nurse was constantly going back and fourth, supporting a decision of Juliet that she had turned her back on once challenges came.…show more content…
Discrimination of the two families has an affect on the children. Their love was declined because of their families. The two lovers formed a thirst for each other’s presence, leading them to practicing bad behaviors as it says in act 3 “immediately we do exile him hence” (shakespeare 1095). This can relate to modern times because parents’ concerns for their children can be extremely high when it comes to life decisions. If so they find an individual a bad influence on their children, they will exile or limit the
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