How Does Shakespeare Present Ophelia In Act 2 Of Hamlet

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The scene opens up within a room in Polonius’s house, where Laertes is getting ready to depart back to Paris. But before he leaves, he decides to give his sister, Ophelia, some advice about her relationship with Prince Hamlet. He basically tells her that she may be in love now, and maybe he is also, but she should be wary of his social status and how he might have to marry someone else for the sake of the state. Not only that, but that she must also be wary of Hamlet as a whole. After all, he's worried that Hamlet might take advantage of her, so he warns her not to have any sort of sexual contact with him, or else, she will suffer the consequences. Ophelia is happy for the advice, but also tells him not to be a hypocrite, and tells him he too must follow his advice.…show more content…
Once done with that, their father, Polonius, enters in the room just as his son is ready to leave, thus came into the event in which he gives his son a long, extensive list of advice and wisdom to follow. He tells his son that he must think before he act, be friendly, but not too friendly, make some friends, but know and stick with your true friends, not cause a fight, but never back down of one once you are in one, never borrow or lend money, buy things that show quality, not things that are flashy, and overall, be true to himself. Laertes is grateful for the advice, and then heads out once he warns his sister Hamlet once more. However, because of this, their father was able to take note of their conversation and asks Ophelia what they were talking about. She reveals everything to her father, out of respect, and he is not happy about it. In fact, he doesn’t believe that Hamlet is truly in love with

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