How Does Shakespeare Present Relationships In Much Ado About Nothing

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Normally when people think of Shakespeare they think about men and women in love. “Much Ado About Nothing,” was written to show the conflicts between life and relationships through the main men characters. “Much Ado About Nothing,” Shakespeare voices his opinion by showing the men dealing with roles of society, fatherhood and relationships. Shakespeare give the men very important roles in society. Leonato is the governor of Messina, a city in Italy. Many of the people in town consider him an elderly noble throughout the play. When his daughter Hero faked her death, her ex fiancé Claudio, was told by Leonato to go to her “grave” and pay his respect. Claudio did which shows he respected both Leonato and Hero. In the beginning of the play we are introduced to the solider, Benedick. The messenger…show more content…
Towards the beginning of the play, Benedick and Claudio came to Messina. Benedick claimed to hate everything that had to do with love. He would even argue with individuals about marriage and relationships. Benedick had to be persuaded by Don Pedro, Claudio and Leonato that Beatrice loves him. His friend, Claudio, was the exact opposite; he fell in love with Hero as soon as he laid his eyes on her. Don Pedro is also one of the characters who got to experience love. He does not fall in or out of love during the play by he does realize how important it is. Leonato and Don Pedro were discussing marriage when Don Pedro states about Beatrice, “I wish she were in love with me instead. I would have thrown away all other considerations and made her my wife.” (2.3.140-143.) This is important because Don Pedro remains single throughout the duration of the play. Romantic relationships should not make a person weak. Relationships should enhance people’s personalities and Shakespeare shows the struggles of love through a variety of different male
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