How Does Shakespeare Present Roderigo In Othello

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Shakespeare 's famous play Othello, centers around a very valiant war hero Othello. Othello is a war veteran who is married to a woman named Desdemona. But Desdemona is not only loved by Othello, she is also loved by a man named Roderigo. Roderigo is a very desperate man, very desperate for Desdemona. Roderigo will do almost anything to get to Desdemona, this includes paying someone to literally go in and break them up at any cost. He hires a man to do this very job, this man 's name is Iago. We see Iago as the right hand man of Othello who we come to find out, he hates dearly. Othello is a vulnerable man, he is from an island that has a much harsher environment than venice. The island he lived on was Cyprus, an island that has been…show more content…
He goes to Othello saying that Desdemona is cheating on him with Cassio. Everything Iago tells othello is a lie. He insists that Desdemona is cheating with Cassio but Othello demands proof. When asked for proof Iago gives him “proof” in a few different aspects. He tells Othello that one night he was sleeping with Cassio and Cassio was hugging his leg. While hugging his leg he tells of Cassio moaning “Desdemona” and things that were very intimate. Othello believes this instantaneously. This is a great example of Othello’s vulnerability, and Iago’ deceptive capabilities. Othello also demands more proof, so Iago gives Desdemona’s handkerchief to Othello that he had happened to get his hands on earlier. Iago continues to dig himself deeper and the conversation between Othello and Iago takes a dramatic turn. Othello swears he will kill his wife, Iago then encourages Othello to kill his wife. Thus completely going against what Roderigo is asking him to do. Once the fifth act comes Iago goes from talking about killing to just killing people. Iago, while Roderigo is trying to kill Cassio, just goes up to Cassio and stabs him in the back. Then when help begins to come Iago stabs Roderigo as if he was helping Cassio. In the end Iago almost gets away with it but is
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