How Does Shakespeare Present The Ghost In Macbeth

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Macbeth Essay In William Shakespeare 's tragedy, Macbeth, Macbeth hallucinates at different objects in the play. He hallucinates a knife in front of himself, and he also sees Banquo’s ghost sitting in his dinner chair at a party. In some plays in real life, Banquo’s ghost is present and on stage, and in some plays, the audience has to imagine the ghost. There is a difference in the effects that will be made from having the ghost on the stage and having him off. In Macbeth, the most effective way to have the ghost in the play is to present the ghost on stage. It will allow the audience to see what Macbeth sees, and not what the nobles see, it will allow all the audience members to know what is happening, and all the apparitions will be understood easier.…show more content…
“Where the graced person of our Banquo present-/ Who may I rather challenge for unkindness/ Than pity for mischance!” (3.4.41-43). Macbeth is hallucinates about Banquo’s ghost being in his chair. No one else sees it, but Macbeth. This would be troubling for some audience members who have no idea what is going on, like the nobles. Lady Macbeth’s personality is displayed when she lies about Macbeth have a sickness from a young age. “Sit, worthy friends. My Lord is often thus,/ And hath been from his youth. Pray you, keep seat” (3.4.53-54). lady Macbeth does not want the nobles to know that Banquo is dead, so she lies just like when Duncan 's death was to be kept secret. Not all of the audience would have understood what Lady Macbeth is saying and means when she lies, but having the ghost present everyone knows what is happening. The audience sees what Macbeth sees the whole play, so they should see what he sees during this scene in the
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