How Does Shakespeare Show Loyalty In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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What Shakespeare is saying about the loyalty of young men in romance in A Midsummer night’s Dream by William Shakespeare is that they are not reliable, but instead quite fickle. Demetrius betrayed Helena and then betrayed Hermia by wanting Helena again. Lysander loves Hermia, after he’s drugged with the potion he fell in love with Helena. When the antidote is applied he immediately returns to loving Hermia again. Oberon is yet another example of how young love of men isn’t reliable or consistent. He drugged his own wife, the only reason being that he wanted something his wife had.
Demetrius can’t stay with a maiden for a long time; he keeps finding that his love for a woman can disappear as quickly as it came. In this scene Demetrius has woken up from his sleep after Puck applied the love potion to his eyes. The first person he laid his eyes on was Helena, and instantly fell in love with her. Demetrius loved Hermia and asked for her hand
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Demetrius changes his love twice: Helena to Hermia, afterward it was Hermia to Helena. Lysander changes his love for Helena to Hermia, and next Hermia from Helena rather quickly too. The way Oberon drugs his wife for selfish reasons and never eventually tells her that she had been drugged, shows how unreliable he is with his love. Oberon would be willing to misuse his power to trick his queen into loving a horrible beast just for obtaining something that he wants He even mocks his queen by saying “there lies your love.” (Act IV,scene, Page 79). A few may argue that the love potion that caused many of these confusions, however that’s an insufficient excuse, it’s true that a couple of these events resulted because of the fairies. However, Demetrius switches his love numerous times before the fairies even get involved. From this the readers can observe how easily a young man in love can change his
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