How Does Shakespeare Show Loyalty In Romeo And Juliet

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“Loyalty in Romeo and Juliet” Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy play written by William Shakespeare. The tragedy is focused on two true lovers and their confrontation in love. Romeo and Juliet consists of many things that connects to the lovers’ intense feelings. I believe the theme of loyalty is a very significant and thought-provoking theme in Shakespeare’s tragedy, which is an aspect of Romeo and Juliet’s love for each other. Most important, Romeo and Juliet possessing the admirable trait of loyalty is essentially all about devotion, reverence, and dedication. Thus, throughout the entire play, Shakespeare reveals Romeo and Juliet expressing devotion for each other. For instance, despite looking at the enmity and extreme hatred of the Montagues…show more content…
Romeo and Juliet claim that their love for each other outweighs the hatred between their families. Most important, love is nothing if there is no respect in it and that is proven in Shakespeare’s piece. Likewise, though it is partially confused whether Romeo showed reverence in his love with Rosaline, but Romeo did treat Juliet with deep respect, because she insisted it. On the other hand, Juliet’s reverence in love to Romeo is clearly visible to the readers when she decides in getting secretly married to Romeo, because she wants their love to be pertained to as honorable instead of disgraceful. Furthermore, Romeo and Juliet show excessive dedication in their love, especially Juliet. Moreover, when Romeo kills Tybalt in revenge for his friend Mercutio, Juliet weeps for her cousin, but then contradicts Romeo being a murderer when she realizes that if Romeo did not take action, Tybalt could have killed him. In addition, the daughter of the Capulets disputes with her parents when she is asked to get ready for her marriage with the handsome and wealthy Count Paris. Juliet’s refusal is completely understandable, because it is clear that no one can take Romeo’s place in Juliet’s heart, since he is the man she loves and most important of all, she was already secretly married to Romeo, so there was no way she could have possibly betrayed her husband. Juliet was wholeheartedly dedicated to Romeo that she even faked her
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