How Does Shakespeare Use Humor In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare is a comedic tale of lovers, fairies, and horrible actors. In this play, like most of Shakespeare’s plays, has many parts. All of the various parts and characters intertwine and all coincide into a complicated plot. Demetrius; Helena’s unwanted suitor brings tension into the the lopsided love triangle. Robin Goodfellow; a mischievous sprite who serves the king of fairies Oberon, also brings much conflict but is has a wonderful sense of humor. The Characters Demetrius, and Robin Goodfellow are two unique characters, that add importants element to make the play a comedy filled with many blithe misfortunes, the match for a maiden 's hand, and uncharacteristically happy ending for this…show more content…
Robin Goodfellow often considered the “heart and soul of the play” (In text citation) helps his master, although, causing much trouble in between, sort the lovers out. The reader is first introduced to Robin Goodfellow when he comes upon a fairy serving the fairy queen Titania. Robin proclaims that King Oberon is having festivities in that particular part of the woods. The fairy then realises who the puck is and gives us an immediate indirect characterization. He declares Robin as an impish and mischievous elf and goes on to list his mischievous antics, “skim{s} milk,and sometimes labour in the quern, And the bootless make the breathless housewife churn” (Shakespeare, 56, Sc. I. Act II, Ln 36-37). The fairy was on his way until they both saw their masters approach. Oberon and Titania fight over a small indian boy that Titania refuses to let Oberon have. After getting tired of confrontation Titania exists, ad Oberon shares his plan with Robin. Robin is to fly and search for a magic flower that cupid uses, it has the power to make anyone fall in love with the first person they see. Robin Goodfellow although very mischievous, is very loyal to Oberon. Robin adds a sense of mischief and causes much of the problems that help the story flow. As he runs the various cupid like errands for oberon he causes much trouble, that stays true to his
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