How Does Shared Knowledge Influence Personal Knowledge

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In this essay I will be discussing on how shared knowledge can have an influence on personal knowledge. To start with, I will be discussing a situation that is ‘knowing a person’ to prove till a high extent that personal and shared knowledge have a great effect on each other including that shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge. To start with, knowing a person can fall under the two categories that are shared and personal knowledge. On one hand, personal knowledge which is gained from personal experience using intuition and instinct as a way of knowing. Equally important, if the person you know is at a deep level, for instance; a family member or a very close friend. For me, I have my best friend Velma in which I do know her more than…show more content…
Namely, in the novel Duaa Al Karawan by the Egyptian doctor Taha Hussain the main character in it is Ameenah which we got to know her mostly by reading what other characters say about her so accordingly we made our own impression and interpretation. Basically, we can see that there is a limited extent of knowing as it has different levels. To further analyze, shared knowledge is knowledge that not only you know but instead it is what everyone knows and agrees upon. Hence, it can be accepted by the community. As a consequence, this type of knowledge has a solid proof. For example of shared knowledge, the six IB subjects that I study, they are thought to us and justified with clear evidence which can travel to generations. Those subjects may include; math, the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics and ESS), ITGS, business studies, economics and so on. For instance in math, we know that one plus one is two we use logic to solve this like having an object in one hand and another in another hand put them together hence you will have two objects together, not ten not eleven. We the IB learners can now say; we know because of this and that……………. Unlike personal knowledge, which you as an individual say; I know because of this and that

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