How Does Shelley Create Monstrosity In Frankenstein

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In Mary Shelley 's novel Frankenstein Doctor Victor Frankenstein gives an inanimate object life. After giving it life he abandons it and learns that it is responsible for little William 's death. Victor is forced to create the monster a woman so the monster won 't be lonely. This also gives the monster a chance to love and to be loved. Victor then realizes that creating a woman for the monster would possibly end human existence. Once he completes it he then rips it apart so the monstrosity will not spread. This causes the monster to be lonely, and become angry. When Dr. Frankenstein creates life from a monstrosity of parts he abandons it in disgust that he had the nerve to give an inanimate object life. From the…show more content…
This shows that the monster is close to being a human because if he had feelings then he wouldn’t have cared about having a friend, saving someone, or about anything that requires emotion. When it comes near the end of the novel the monster tells Victor that if he meets his demand to make him a companion he would leave humanity alone. The monster explains that everything including Lucifer had some form of company, but he is forced to be alone. Victor feels a conflict with creating this new being, he wants it done so that the monster will leave everyone alone, but he doesn’t want to doom humanity if he creates a new monster that may end up the same way as his first one and they decide to have kids. After creating it and completing the deal, he tears the new creation apart causing the monster to be forever alone. This also causes the monster to promise that he will be there on Victor’s wedding night. So, as the story presents, the monster’s intentions were mostly misunderstood. The monster never learned how to love or be loved. It is said that love is an equalizer for the darkest of places of the human consciousness, which includes the most monstrous; this is
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