How Does Smoking Affect Children

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I will lose my body shape and size. The most consequences of becoming overweight as perceived by children themselves in social discrimination and low self esteem. The result may indicated that difficulties in playing sports, sleep apnea, teasing at school, fatigue etc.
TOBACCO USE Smoking not only affects my personal health, it will affects the health of my children. For my children, it will increases the chances of ear infection, asthma, bronchitis, learning and behavioral problems. It will affect me financially and causes financial stress. Smoking also affects my work and it will cause different cancers, CVD and stroke. It also affect my sexual life and fertility. Uncontrolled tobacco use can damage the reproductive health. The women those who smokes are more likely to have trouble with their pregnancy.
ALCOHOL USE I will repeatedly neglecting my responsibilities at home and work because of drinking. Performing poorly at work and neglecting kids and skipping out my committeemen’s. Fight with my families because they dislike how I will behave when am drinking. Alcoholism will affect my mental, physical wellbeing and the marriage relationship and family unit can be significantly affected. Alcoholism may neglect or abuse my family, deplete financial resources and create legal problems for my family. Children’s they
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These factors being domains my quality of life and will reflect my well being. Related work factors such as job stress, job satisfaction, job involvement and other vital components of quality of working life. Overall it will affect my general well being. shift work or long hours can be severely disrupted the family and marital responsibilities. Child care, house work, shopping and leaving a partner alone at night can all lead to marital strain and family dysfunction. It will cause some health effects such as GI disorders, CVD and reproductive

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