How Does Snapchat Influence Our Lives

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Snapchat has grown these past few years to become one of the most popular social media apps if not the most. Although Snapchat is not very similar to Facebook or Twitter, many people will agree that it has potential to continue to grow. Snapchat users will use it throughout their everyday lives. From sending pictures about where they have been in the world, to their current location, Snapchat has influenced our society in many ways than we can ever imagine. We don’t necessarily see the effect it has on our everyday lives because we became fond of the idea it will exist for a long period of time. How would our lives differ from the creation of this app to the idea of it never being invented? What if it just suddenly disappeared? Snapchat is commonly known for something known as a “streak” .What is that you might…show more content…
Although Snapchat is for all ages it 's mostly being used by teens and young adults. At first the app wasn’t very popular and was only used by a certain age group. Now you find young kids using the app. Like at what point did children become so influenced by social media that they use it more than adults? The idea that all ages can use the app can cause many concerns. Many negative things can come from this such as cyberbullying, catfishing, and sending inappropriate things. Cyberbullying is commonly seen when a person has been recorded and made fun in front of all the snapchat viewers. This issue is becoming very big lately because people are unaware of the pictures or videos being taken of them being projected in un-fashion manner. Additionally, inappropriate content can be shared to a friend on Snapchat. The video/picture last 10 seconds long before it disappears. But wait! Does it really disappear? People don’t think twice before sending anything through these social media apps anymore. Anything put out in the internet world will never disappear and can come back to bite
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