How Does Soccer Influenced Me

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One thing that I believe influenced me a lot that I did when I was younger was playing sports, and in particular, soccer. If I had not played sports I think I would be a quite a different person. Sports is where I got a bit of a competitive nature, and while that’s not a major part of my personality, I’m not one to get ridiculously into a game of Uno or something of that nature, I do enjoy competition and I do enjoy the feeling of winning. I also feel as though I wouldn’t be as vocal as I am. When I played soccer I played defense which is a position that requires constant communication to organize and my coach had my captain the defense, so that required me to come out of my quiet nature a bit. I’m still a quite person by nature, but now I am sure to speak up when I want or need something. I also feel that sports helped me develop a well-balanced locus of control and made be better at dealing with loss or defeat. Playing soccer was my favorite pastime, and was an important aspect of my life.…show more content…
I also wouldn’t be as competitive and I think that my competitiveness has helped me in life. Wanting to be better than someone else at something makes you work to achieve that. And also being better than how good I used to be. As you get older and advance in sports, if you’re not getting better than you’re falling behind. So it gave me a drive to not only compare myself to others, but also be better in general. And wanting to be a better student, employee, athlete, or whatever I set my sights on has really helped me to better myself and my skill sets. Without that I think I would be a less motivated person, and I don’t think I would be as well rounded of a person that I
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