How Does Social Change Affect Family

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Global Perspectives: Individual Research Families and demographic change- To what extend social changes affect family relationships. All families look and act completely different. A family would possibly consist of a a mother, father and youngsters, one parent and child; grandparent and grandchildren; a relative cluster etc .Families are the bottom of society. It's wherever we tend to acquire the globe. whereas families have the farthest potential for raising healthy people, they will conjointly wound their members in places which will ne'er heal. once families break down and disappoint to supply the healthy development we want, the results impact not only our own lives, however conjointly our communities and societies. Global perspective: a) Philippines In the Philippines social change has really affected its families as family values are fading in the Filipino culture as a result of Western ideas, and in part due to…show more content…
I feel that people should always stick up for themselves and their families and not let any kind of pressure affect their decision towards their families and what they believe in. I accept as true that most social change have logical reasons behind them and whether they are lawfully accepted or not. As of the 21 century the normal family pattern as changed, a lot of new ways to communication besides speaking has developed, social media has taken over the brains of the youth and a lot of other changes which has caused change in families all over the world. Personally I think that social media is one of the best social changes in the 21 century as it help me contact and chat my friends whenever I desire. Additionally I have learnt a lot about social media in my it class as well as my sociology class helped up my knowledge about the importance of families and their
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