How Does Social Factors Affect Luxury Buying Decision

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2.3- Effect of social factors on customer luxury purchasing decision. Social factors influence customers who build the luxury buying decision by motivation of others not from their self-perception and values. Customer is focusing on his image in others' eyes and strongly influences by friends, co-workers and social class that he belonging to. In customer buying decision the most important motivator is delivering message of his uniqueness, prestige and power to the society. People consider buying luxury brands that unique, scarce and expensive in comparing to the brands in its category is an indicator of the person's prestige, image and social status (Sheetal, 2015). Customers that has external locus of control and influenced by others opinions are focusing on delivering uniqueness and wealth signals messages for society. But customers have internal locus of control have not influenced by others' opinions are focusing on satisfying their own needs such as quality and hedonic needs. For collectivistic culture, customers are…show more content…
One's own motivation and behavior are connected with over all society perception. Persons are connected and belonging to society and there are no place for uniqueness and differentiation between members. In interdependent self-construal, person perceives that he integrate others. In making buying decision, customer put the society as a considerable part has strong contribution on the buying decision and the satisfaction from this decision. In interdependent cultures, what the society perceive is more important than what the individual perceive (Markus, 1991).
Interdependent customer is connected to the society, appreciating others perception and values in taking decisions to prove his belonging to this society, able to read others ideas and buying decisions target to be in harmony with society (Markus,

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