How Does Social Isolation Affect Children

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“Social Isolation is when someone lacks contact with society which affects all aspects of a person’s life” as Kim Blakeley. The effects social isolation can have on kids have impacts that last a lifetime. Social Isolation and Emotional Isolation is affected when kids are isolated and have no communication with the outside world at a young age, and that can dramatically impact their development, and social life. Childhood neglect and this isolation causes developmental problems with language, Social cues, Emotions and the child’s self-image. Depending on how severe the isolation is, kid’s miss milestones like learning how to walk and talk, or simple things like knowing how to eat properly, and acceptable behavior, that kids who grow up in a healthy environment would know that help them function in our society.

When kids have contact with other people besides their caretakers that helps their development in a huge way. The interactions the kids have when they’re young has an influence in their later life that also helps their development. So when kids don’t have interactions with people and the outside world for simple
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Language development tis affected when a child is isolated from others which directly affects their ability to communicate in social situations. Language development begins at infancy, by things like cooing, crying and giggling, the sounds they make are initials to the language development, because they learned to put sounds together. When a child needs something from a parent, they communicate their needs by crying and getting their attention. They learn to communicate their feelings. When a baby is isolated they don’t get that attention they need, even if they cry. What ends up happening is that the child no longer cries when they need something, they don’t make a sound. They don’t communicate their feelings and that’s what they grow up
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