Social Media Influence On Democracy

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Introduction This research is based on the great influence media and social media has on the democracy process of certain Countries (United States of America to be more precise) and if indeed it does foster a healthy political platform. With the gates being opened for political dialogues formed by the new media (Obamas change campaign) a norm develops automatically which encourages the mass to demand for a more direct form of democracy (Crabtree 2002). The first part of this proposal part one analyses the possible problems worldwide but with a case study on the U.S.A in theory. Personal Experience and Perspective In hindsight, I have noted how key social media is on a much smaller scale of politics and the manipulation of a target audience.…show more content…
In his work Media and Power, Professor James Curran composes, "the media is no more the a watchdog of general society interest, yet its own particular diversions since it has turned into a political and a prudent force/interest center." As such, it is clear that in a framework where each major media outlet has an essential center of fulfilling shareholders, and maybe all the more critically, a concentrate on fulfilling the plans of administrators inside the organization. Accordingly, the media has gotten to be more popularized, and therefore has withdrawn from its conventional objective of news reporting. Rather, the media has influenced for more lucrative wanders, for example, reality television and celebrity focuses. Expanding beyond the scope of the traditional form of media, the rising credibility of the social media has further levitated the importance of media as a whole in elections and some popular elections (Jenkins 2006). Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have gathered billions of subscribed users; these websites have become ripe and key for news circulation and speculation to say the least. During the presidential campaign in the United States of America in 2008, social media played a pivotal role in the victory of Barack Obama. Facebook board member Marc Anderson said Barack…show more content…
Social media has changed the political game by Obama being the first to use it to its maximum power (Johnson 2013). Nobody can question the input of social media and regardless to its negative sides Social media has re-arranged the platform for voting and the scale of voting (Harris 2010). Research Question- Hypothesis The hypothesis of this proposal is “ The influence of social media (online communication) on political platforms” in a large and small scale. Research Purpose and Audience This research proposal will be tremendously helpful to Murdoch students and its board concerning student elections. On a wider scale like in a company, this research can be used to survey what people feel about a company (online questionnaire). Also this research is also to educate students mainly how social media also has its
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